Do Lash Serums Really Work?

by Siana Riley on Apr 03, 2022

Do Lash Serums Really Work?

Do Lash Serums Work?


Lash serums are highly concentrated yet lightweight fluids that promote healthier and fuller eyelashes. Usually applied on the upper lash line with a fine applicator, they help condition, nourish and strengthen the lashes. When used over time, serums are meant to keep lashes healthy and prevent breakage, thus resulting in fuller and longer eyelashes. But can serums actually help grow longer lashes? We’ve gathered some research to provide you with an answer.

How do they work?

Eyelashes are made up of over 90% protein. Amino acids, the building blocks of protein, are the main ingredient in the best lash serums, helping to build healthy hair follicles, as well as nourish and repair any damage. Amino acids are sometimes labeled as ‘peptides’ in ingredient lists — they condition and strengthen frail, brittle lashes. 

What are the other active ingredients in lash serums?

The ingredients in lash serums are generally meant to either condition lashes or stimulate growth. These ingredients include:


  • Botanical Extracts: Powerful plant essences that can help hydrate and nourish the skin
  • Vitamins: Biotin (Vitamin B7) is the most essential vitamin and helps keep hair healthy by strengthening keratin
  • Ceramides: Locks in moisture
  • Collagen: Promotes healthy hair growth and repair
  • Panthenol: Hydrates and protects lashes from breakage

Safety Tips

Eyelash and eyebrow serums have been shown to be safe through many clinical trials. However, because everyone's skin is different, it is best to do a patch test for 24  hours by applying a small amount of the serum on a test spot away from the eyes. If you don’t see any reaction to your skin, you are safe to use it. If you experience symptoms such as irritation, inflammation, redness, and itchiness, wash your eyes immediately and consult with a doctor if symptoms don’t subside.


How effective are they?

Lash serums are highly effective, however, because they work based on our lashes’ natural growth cycle, which can’t be sped up through artificial means, it will take about one month before you see results and about three months for maximum results. We recommend switching to applying 2-3 times a week once the desired length has been reached in order to maintain results. It’s not recommended that you use the serum more than once a day; using more of it will not result in faster lash growth.


Lash serums contain many natural ingredients proven to promote healthy lash and brow growth. If you’ve patch-tested your product to ensure safe use on your lashes and follow the instructions and safety precautions, all you need is a dash of patience, and you will see longer, fuller, healthier-looking eyelashes in just four weeks. 



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